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13th July 2024 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions which may occur to you when choosing to enter psychotherapy with me. I am very happy to answer any other questions you may have, personally. Please feel free to contact me on the number opposite.

What is the benefit of choosing a body approach as opposed to conventional psychotherapy?

I believe that whether you are struggling with aspects of your life which impact on you physically or emotionally, an approach which addresses all aspects of yourself, will be a more integrated way of working. Most of us have a complex relationship with our body, many of us seeing 'it' as somehow apart from 'ourselves'. We pay little or no attention to our body except to see this aspect of ourselves as a 'vehicle' for daily living, often coming into a more conscious relationship only when we become unwell.
A psychotherapeutic approach which helps us to draw down into our body experience, to notice the ways in which we may express ourselves in movement and gesture, (which may sometimes be in contradiction to how we think we feel), can offer a profound opportunity for reconnection.
Working with our body allows for greater variety of expression ~ be that through movement, touch, or just the deepening of awareness of how the body reveals a truth beyond the limitations of language.I believe our 'bodyself' has an innate wisdom, which when listened to as the guide to our wellbeing it truly is, will bring us potential for more harmonious living.
It is also a unique pathway of psychotherapy in that it is able to work with the non verbal aspects of trauma and early relational wounding.

How can I find out if Biodynamic psychotherapy is for me?

Please telephone me so that we can discuss what brings you to consider entering psychotherapy. I will then arrange for an initial consultation. This will be of a normal session duration of one hour and will allow you to tell me more about yourself and to ask any further questions that have arisen since our first contact. At the end of this introductory session, you will be able to decide if you wish to continue in an open ended way or for a time limited period agreed upon between us. There will be opportunity for regular review of your process.

How much do the sessions cost?

I charge £50-60 for a session, which is normally one hour. I do have some concessions for low wage earners/students.

How regular are the sessions?

We will meet weekly at a specified time that is suitable for you. This will usually be at the same time each week to help provide some structure and holding for the therapy.

Is this the same for Biodynamic massage?

Not necessarily. Biodynamic massage contracts tend to be looser, and one off sessions are possible. Having said this, biodynamic massage is most beneficial if given over a course of a minimum of six weeks. This is related to how emotional holding in the body tends to soften as you become increasingly familiar with the touch of the therapist and the flow of a biodynamic massage.

Can I feel reassured that my privacy is protected?

All client information disclosed during psychotherapy sessions is strictly confidential, and records are stored securely. I have regular supervision from a UKCP registered psychotherapist, however client identity is not revealed. There are exceptional circumstances when I would need to discuss your situation with another health professional, such as your General Practitioner, if I were concerned for yours or anothers' safety, but I would do so only after informing you.

What if I have to cancel a session?

I will endeavour to find another time for you to attend in the same week, but if this is not possible I will charge the normal fee for the missed session. It is often at the times when we least feel like attending for a session, that our work together can be particularly fruitful, so I invite you to try to attend even if you are feeling really sad, depressed or angry. i will not charge for holiday absence or work commitments if you give me at least 2 weeks notice.

How long is a normal course of psychotherapy?

People come into psychotherapy with different expectations of the process and how long they anticipate remaining in therapy. This will sometimes change during the duration of the psychotherapy, and we will regularly review how you are feeling about your therapy and its continuation. For some people, psychotherapy is part of an extended process of personal growth and may last for several years, while for others it can offer valuable support and healing for a limited time during a period of crisis.

What happens when I feel ready to end psychotherapy?

I encourage you to explore your decision around ending psychotherapy in your sessions. For those clients with whom I have been working for some time I feel it is important to have a minimum of 2 sessions to complete your therapeutic journey.
The ending period of our work together is an extremely important part of the process. I will support you to integrate the benefits and to reflect on how the therapy has affected you. Endings are very often challenging to be fully present with, and therefore this presents a unique opportunity to bring more consciousness to recognising how we struggle with the process of completion.

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